Unique webdesign: development & implementantion

We will create an individual turnkey design. This service includes: creation of a design layout; adaptive layout layout; design programming and installation on the site. The service applies only to the main pages of the exchanger.


We will promote the exchange office and help you to be added to the most popular exchanger monitors:,,

Duration of works: from 3 months. Short list of works: SEO-optimization of the site, improving Yandex X, registering and posting topics on forums, maintaining topics on forums, adding an exchanger to site directories, adding an exchanger to reviews, adding to monitoring, .

690/490 USD - first month/subsequent months

Full preparation of the site for the start of work

  • Registration of a domain
  • Ordering VPS and setting it up
  • Installation of the exchanger script on the server
  • Connection your exchange account to your exchanger
  • Connection the exchanger to
  • Connection SMTP server for email sending
  • Connection Telegram bot for notifications
  • Configration server security for maximum server protection from hacking

Website transfer/reinstallation

We will reinstall the site from scratch or transfer the site to another server.

40 USD reinstallation from scratch, from 100 USD transfer.

Connecting to

We will connect the site to the CDN service at a free rate, which will allow us to hide the server where the site is located. An SSL certificate is also provided on the free plan. Depending on the tariff plan, you can activate the DDoS protection function.

Connecting an SMTP server (Yandex.Mail,, etc.)

We will connect your site to Yandex.Mail, which will prevent emails sent from the site from getting into spam. It will also hide the real IP address of the server where the site is located, which will positively affect the security of the site.

Setting up merchants and auto payouts

We will set up the necessary merchants and modules for automatic payments of payment systems.

60 USD per merchant + auto payout. 50 USD per merchant or auto payout.

Adding currencies and directions of exchange

We will add the necessary currencies and directions of exchanges.

1 USD for each currency, 4 USD for each direction.

Development of new merchants and auto payouts for individual use

We will develop a merchant and automatic payments for any payment system/cryptocurrency/bank for individual use. The service must have a public API interface and documentation. The final cost of the module depends on the complexity of the API interface. Updating modules for new versions of the script is included in the price.

From 990 USD (for merchant or auto payout).

Technical support

Technical support for purchased (not rented) licenses after 12 months of using the license.

30 USD for 1 appeal or 99 USD per month / 990 USD per year without limits.

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